Presentation Outline: Since many of the original fire and acoustical tests were performed on steel– and wood-framed assemblies, both the code requirements and construction materials have changed.  Gypsum board of the same rating and thickness now may have lower mass, and thus lower sound attenuation capabilities.  Resilient channel properties depend upon the thickness and location of punchouts.  Learn what properties and materials have changed, and how to specify appropriate materials to meet fire and acoustic code requirements.  This presentation will help you know what the minimum requirements of the code are, and how owners may sometimes increase these requirements for specific applications or occupancies.  This presentation will help you understand how both the spacing and thickness of steel framing members affect both fire and acoustic performance.

PDHsThis Webinar includes:

  • Basic principles of acoustics
  • Requirements of fire rated assemblies
  • Design Examples 

Who Should Attend?

  • Structural engineers  & Architects
  • Acoustical Consultants
  • Other design professionals using the 2009 & earlier Building Codes
  •  Academicians and researchers
  • CFS framing manufacturers
  • Code enforcement staff
  • Forensic engineers
  • Software developers
  • Evaluation Services

Webinar Materials

  • Presenter's notes.
  • Published paper on effect of steel stud thickness and spacing on acoustical performance of wall assemblies
  • CFSEI Technical Note: Acoustic Insulation, Fire-Rated Assemblies, and Rated assemblies for Mid-Rise Construction
  • SFA Fire and Acoustic Directory for North America.
  • Evaluation Form.
  • Attendance Form

Elzo  F. GernhartElzo F. Gernhart is the Vice President of PAC International, the global leader in cost effective, high performance noise control solutions.  PAC International has nearly one hundred fifty Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Fire Resistive Design Assemblies in which the Resilient Sound Isolation Clip (RSIC) family of products are classified, including floor-ceiling and wall assemblies.  In nearly every UL Classified Fire Resistive Design Assembly, the design and construction was engineered and managed by Elzo.  None of these tested assemblies has failed to meet the fire testing objective in the UL Fire Research Laboratory.  The acoustical testing on these assemblies has provided Elzo the opportunity to become one of the more experienced individuals in the field of Fire and Acoustical testing of UL Fire Resistive Design Assemblies; as well as non UL systems and assemblies.  Mr. Gernhart has expertise in methods, systems and assemblies utilized to control noise in the USA and many countries around the world.

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Date: Thursday
June 9, 2011
Time: 3 p.m Eastern
Format: Web-based seminar using "Go To Meeting" technology.
Duration: 1+ hour of lecture, followed by discussion and questions. (1.5 hours total )
Cost: $75 per computer screen for CFSEI & SFA Members; $100 for non-members

Continuing Education: 1.5 hours available.

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