Note that not all individuals on the list are engineers.  To find an engineer registered in a specific state, scroll down to the “Engineer State Licensed” field and click on a specific state.  All engineers that have listed their registration for that state will be displayed.  Note that clicking on more than one state will return results for both: engineers that are licensed in EITHER state will be displayed.  The database does not differentiate between a P.E. (Professional Engineer) or S.E. (Structural Engineer); but once a name is displayed, you may click on “view profile details” to see more details about that individual or company.

The CFSEI does not evaluate or test members: the list is current based on registration reported by the individuals themselves.  By being listed in the CFSEI database, it means that an engineer has access to CFSEI technical documents and materials, and has enough of an interest in cold-formed Steel to keep their membership current.  Membership listing does not imply an endorsement by CFSEI.