Continuing Education: 1.5 Hours Available

How to avoid them (if you are an architect or a general contractor) and How to find them (if you are a carpenter or sub)

Change orders.  They are wonderful if they can get you more money and profit on a job, and terrible if you have to pay for them.  Either way, they are not usually budgeted, and can ruin budgets for owners and contractors.  So – what are the issues that lead to change orders?  Knowing where they usually happen can be a big first step: as an architect or engineer or general contractor, it can help you avoid them; as a subcontractor, it can help you exploit them.  This webinar will show you where in the contract language and contract documents the roots of change orders begin: and what you can do about fixing them or fleecing them.

Webinar Materials

  • Presenter’s notes
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Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for architects, engineers, building officials and contractors.


Web-based seminar using "Go To Meeting" technology.


1+ hour of lecture, followed by discussion and questions. (1.5 hours total)


$75 per computer screen for CFSEI and Steel Framing Alliance members; $100 for non-members.


Don Allen, P.E., Director of Engineering
Super Stud Building Products, Inc.

Don Allen, P.E. currently serves as Director of Engineering for Super Stud Building Products, Inc., where he oversees product development, testing, engineering, and technical services. Having worked in the cold-formed steel industry since 1990, Allen served as a CFS specialty engineer, Engineer-of-Record, and industry representative before his current position with a stud manufacturer. He concurrently served for more than 9 years as Technical Director for three associations in the cold-formed steel industry - the Steel Stud Manufacturers Association (SSMA), the Steel Framing Alliance (SFA), and the Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI). He chairs the Education Subcommittee of the American Iron and Steel Institute’s Committee on Framing Standards and Committee on Specifications, and was the 2013 recipient of the CFSEI Distinguished Service Award. He has given presentations on CFS in China, Colombia, Egypt, Hawaii, and South Africa, and has been involved in design projects in North America, Africa, and Europe.