Continuing Education: 1.5 hours available

Cold-formed steel framed walls, both interior and exterior, are often part of a fire-rated assembly. As such, the spaces between these assemblies and other fire-rated assemblies (for example floors), may potentially allow for the passage of flames and hot gasses, and must be firestopped to ensure that the entire assembly retains its fire rating. We will explore the basic concepts of firestopping along with the code requirements. We will provide examples of the kinds of technologies available to complete a fire-rated wall assembly. In addition, the CFS framed wall assemblies must be fastened properly to the concrete or steel structural elements, to ensure that the loads from the walls are properly transferred. This connection is often completed using Power-actuated fastenings. We will review the basic concepts behind power-actuated fastening technology, and the technical details. We will also discuss the various types of technology available for power-actuated fastening.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for architects, engineers, building officials and contractors.

Web-based seminar using "Go To Meeting" technology.

1+ hour of lecture, followed by discussion and questions. (1.5 hours total)


$75 per computer screen for CFSEI and Steel Framing Alliance members; $100 for non-members

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Matthew VickreyMatthew Vickrey is a field engineer with Hilti in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, so he is responsible for providing technical advice to architects and engineers for Hilti’s portfolio of fastening and fire protection products. Matt has a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from the University of Wyoming and received the Ross Fellowship from Purdue University. Matt has been with Hilti about two years. Prior to joining Hilti, Matt was a project manager for a construction and engineering firm that specialized in surety consulting and construction defect litigation.

Christopher Gill Christopher Gill is Technical Services Manager for the Direct Fastening business unit at Hilti North America in Plano, TX. He has been with Hilti for 29 years, in various roles in engineering, product management and marketing. Chris is responsible for supervising test programs and gaining listings and approvals for power-actuated and screw fastening products. He is also involved with codes and standards activities related to direct fastening. Chris represents Hilti at the Steel Deck Institute, and is a member of the AISI Committee on Specification; Subcommittee 3 (Connections and Joints) and Subcommittee 33 (Diaphragm Design.) Chris received his undergraduate degree in engineering from Brown University, and his MS in Engineering and Technology Management from Oklahoma State University.