The CFSEI Technology Development Committee (TDC) reports to the CFSEI Executive Committee and is charged with providing a forum for facilitating the identification and prioritization of needs, opportunities and projects. Membership in the TDC is open to all CFSEI members. To help identify barriers to the use of cold-formed steel framing, the TDC Barrier Survey Form (below) is available to allow users to identify the barriers that they perceive or encounter to using cold-formed steel framing more effectively in building construction. Once completed and returned, this form helps determine the market impact and relevance to goals for potential projects. The TDC also develops and conducts a bi-annual priority survey of all CFSEI members, compiles the survey results and prioritizes potential projects for consideration by the CFSEI Executive Committee. The TDC is always receptive to new suggestions for projects and welcomes those who want to roll-up-their-sleeves and actively work on the development of Technical Notes and other technical publications and tools for CFS design engineers.

General Email: [email protected]

Jay Larson, P.E.
American Iron & Steel Institute

Bill Babich
ITW Building Components Group, Inc.

Karl Scherzer
Excel Engineering, Inc.

Robert Warr, P.E.
Frameworks Engineering