The ballot for the 2023 election of the Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute Executive Committee is now available. In accordance with the Operating Procedures, candidates who receive the most votes will be elected to the Executive Committee.

Currently there are two open seats. Please vote for one candidate per vacant seat for a total of two candidates. Write-in candidates are permitted.

Note that you can either:

Vote online
Email Ballot to: [email protected]

Ballots must be received by midnight (EST) on April 7, 2023 to be counted.

Thank you for participating!

If you have additional questions, feel free to call 1-800-79-STEEL or email or Email: [email protected].


Daniel Stadig, P.E.

Daniel Stadig, P.E.

Daniel Stadig, P.E. is Vice President at Salas O’Brien, a full-service engineering firm serving cold-formed steel (CFS) clients and alike across North America. He is a registered professional engineer with experience designing all conventional systems but has devoted his efforts to CFS framing since 2011.

Daniel focuses on providing integrated engineering and BIM services for Divisions 05400, 092116, 09226 and other related drawing and engineering scope needs to his CFS framing clients.

Daniel currently serves as immediate past chairman of the CFSEI Executive Committee and is chairman of the CFSEI BIM Committee. He serves on the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Committee on Specifications for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members and is part of the AWCI inaugural Emerging Leaders group of 2022.

He holds a B.S. degree from Marquette University and an M.S. degree from Mississippi State University.

Dana Hennis, P.E., S.E.

Dana Hennis, P.E., S.E.

Dana Hennis is a Senior Structural Project Manager for Lochsa Engineering in Boise, Idaho. He has 29 years of experience in all areas of structural engineering, with over 24 years specializing in cold-formed steel framing design. His expertise includes exterior and interior building facades; educational, industrial, retail and commercial projects; preliminary design and layout; panelized design; themed facades; and forensic engineering and seismic evaluation of various structures. He is a member of the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, Model Law Engineer (NCEES MILE) and a volunteer for the Idaho Department of Homeland Security Disaster Evaluation ATC-20 Training. He holds professional/structural engineering licenses in 13 states and is a contributing author for several cold-formed steel publications. Dana is a member of CFSEI Executive Committee and serves on Technology Development and Expo Planning Committees.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering from California Polytechnic State University.